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Indian Handicrafts

Indian Handicrafts online to look out in the USA, UK, Australia, Europe, India and more

The brilliant traditions, culture, art and handicraft of India has attracted people from all over the world. If you are looking for Indian handicrafts online in the USA, UK, Australia, Europe and India, we have got your back. As vivid the art form of India is, it would be noteworthy to mention that they carry special meaning and expressions with them. Not to mention that the products being natural and beautiful, have their own way of standing out. While some of the art requires careful delicacy, some are bold. We, at HEM Crafts, are trying to revive these authentic rural handicrafts by providing the needy tribal people with work and the income and care that they deserve.

Here’s how we are helping these people ranging from children, women and even men through education and child development, women and empowerment, and community development.

The appreciation these art forms receive are increasing everyday. The mere existence of these ancient art today shows how deeply we, as a community, care about India’s rich culture and heritage. Every effort to preserve our unique and beautiful history of expression counts. So, we are doing our bit here by creating more handcrafted products.

You can also have a look at some of the handcrafted products originating from ancient traditions of India that we provide! From Warli paintings to tea kettles and hemp backpacks, we have got you covered!

Indian Handicrafts to look out for online in the USA, UK, Australia, Europe and India:

Bamboo Bottles:

 These bamboo bottles are aesthetically pleasing and are taking the internet by storm! Originated in Assam, these bottles are made up of bamboo which helps the water remain cool. Unlike plastic bottles, which not only harm the environment and become a source of pollution, these bottles are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Not to mention how plastic bottles are detrimental to us and our well being, these bamboo bottles are packed up with antibacterial properties and thus becoming a perfect alternative to plastic bottles. These bottles are filled with natural flavonoids, thus, acting as natural antioxidants. They help our skin fight pollution, reduce wrinkles and have anti-aging properties. Apart from that, bamboo bottles also help us fight stress.

Warli Paintings

 Warli painting is a tribal art form originating from the North Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra. It is an incredible example of folk art. The warli tribe was one of the largest in India and was located just outside of Mumbai. The focal point of the Warli tribe is mother nature and different elements of nature which are offered to us. These paintings make use of simple geometric shapes representing different aspects of nature. The circle denotes the sun and the moon. Meanwhile, the triangles denote the mountains and pointed trees. The Warli painting also denotes the Tarpa dance. Tarpa is a musical instrument that different men take turns playing. People pair up, intertwine their hands and circle up around the Tarpa player. These paintings are used to illustrate daily life activities such as fishing, hunting and more. It is interesting how they use simple shapes to create such a mind blowing painting.

Hemp Backpacks

 When it comes to shopping backpacks, there are these three factors that you must always keep in mind. Firstly, they should be durable. And, second and third factors include reliability and practicality. All the three things that you can expect Hemp Backpacks to live upto! Hemp backpacks are the backpacks made from natural fibres from the plant hemp, which is known to be the strongest natural fibre among the plants. This makes them unbelievably durable! Hemp containing antibacterial properties keeps our bag hygienic and fresh. Not to forget that the hemp backpacks have astonishing water resistance power. So, you can always count on them.

Also, cotton tote bags are not as environmentally friendly as you consider them to be. A recent study by the UK government reveals that tote bags, although recyclable, are still harming our environment significantly. If we are being awfully honest, Tote Bags have created a whole new issue!  It has been found out that a single cotton tote bag has to be used 20,000 times which means using it daily for 54 years! This is because the environmental cost of producing these bags is astonishingly high and it outweighs the benefits.

Hemp Backpack comes to rescue here. It also helps reduce global warming by absorbing the CO2 which is present around. Hemp absorbs more CO2 than any other plants, thus making hemp backpacks really environment friendly. Hence, these backpacks are always a win-win!

Tea Kettle

 Up your home decor game by getting yourself a marvellous tea kettle and reveal your inner artistic side! These Tea Kettles are hand painted by the unprivileged children who need our support. We not only train them in this domain but also take utmost care of different aspects of their lives. We provide these kids with education, medical facilities, hostels and more. These kids paint the kettles beautifully and get themselves a means to express themselves.

Also, tea is a perfect beverage for every occasion, whether you are over the moon or simply feeling down. Tea is a drink that never fails to rejuvenate us. Let’s be honest, tea is what gets most of us going! So, why wait for a perfect occasion to buy a tea kettle?

By gifting yourself with these handcrafted tea kettles, you’re also gifting these kids with so many basic amenities which they desperately need. So, get yourself these amazing handcrafted tea kettles.


Scarves are always fashionable and don’t really go out of trend. There’s not an imperfect weather for scarves. So, keep them coming! If you’re looking for some scarves that never go out of style, you’ve come to the right place. The women at HEM crafts use vintage sarees to make an elegant scarf for you!

Excitingly, you’re also helping these rural women earn money and dignity. They are creating a life full of freedom for themselves and their families. They are becoming independent and becoming more confident in themselves. And so are you, by wearing these really comfy and elegant scarves!

It is already well known how dressing impacts confidence. So, get dressed, flaunt yourself and boost your confidence with our pretty scarves!

You can check out every of the above mentioned handcrafts here.

By buying this for yourself or a beloved, you’re not only showing your support to the people who are calling out for your help but also making the environment healthier one step at a time.

In case you want to get to know us better, here you go!

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