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Hand painted Tea Kettles

Extraordinary Hand painted Tea Kettles for Chai & Handicraft Lovers

Chai or Tea crosses all barriers since everything happens over a cup of tea, from neighbourhood rumours to passionate political debates. It has long been a fundamental component of Indian households, so much so that for the public, talking about the interesting Kulhad Chai (the tea served in clay cups) is nothing new. Kulhad cups, also known as clay pot cups, are household Hindi terms that mean terracotta or clay cups, respectively. And it should come as no surprise to you that Indians adore the way a kulhad gives their preferred beverage, tea, an earthy aroma. But do you know where our favourite tea, tea cups or tea kettle culture has come from?

Tea has reportedly been consumed in China since 2700 BCE. Originally made by boiling fresh leaves in water for therapeutic purposes, tea was used every day starting in the third century. This is when tea cultivation and manufacturing got its start. In the highlands near the border between Burma and the Indian state of Assam in 1824, tea trees were found. In 1836 and 1867, respectively, the British introduced the tea culture to India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka). They initially utilised Chinese seeds, but later on, they switched to Assamese seeds.

However, nothing is known about the past of the cherished home accents – Tea Kettles. It has long been necessary to store the liquids and reuse them. It was met by the creation, which used animal hide in the beginning to create containers. Later, numerous additional types of containers emerged as a result of the development of metals and metallurgy. And at that time, kettles were created. Kettles are an excellent way to keep warm liquids handy and may also be used to reheat them. They became a handy vessel as a result. Mud was later used to shape kettles.

Going back to Mesopotamia, bronze was used to make the earliest known metal kettles, which are believed to date from between 3500 and 2000 BC. Later, iron was used as the material, and much later, aluminium. Aluminium tea kettles were the most reliable until they were amputated. However, there has been a resurgence in recent years, beginning with the development of the electric kettle and aluminium kettles return to the market. However, the smaller tea shops continued to use it.

Yes, the tea kettles are making a comeback in the market for nostalgia after being abandoned years ago. They have emerged as the latest must-have items in affluent locales. India is sort of a fusion of several cultures. This nation’s spirit and heart are its rich culture and art, and its artisans are masters at utilising handmade or handicraft goods.

Our crew at HEM Crafts is all for supporting our really skilled artists who engage in this craft work because of the talent, care, and accuracy that go into producing these gorgeous sculptures from raw materials like clay, rock, paper, cloth, and stone. Nature has always served as an inspiration for India’s handcrafted traditions. Indigenous craftspeople created upcycling, material optimization, and waste minimization strategies that are deeply ingrained in traditional craft work skills. Elements from nature have found their way into the majority of Indian houses today, from the sturdy bamboo trunks that support a light bedstead to the blend of flat grass and natural fiber that goes into constructing a stool or even a broom and so on. In many parts of the country, the painstaking artisanal techniques used by our forefathers are still used, which is both commendable and amazing. To know more about handcrafted products at HEM Crafts, click

Today, tea kettles are used as lamps, showpieces, hangings, and for a variety of other purposes in addition to making tea. It is now being used by artists as a surface to display their talents. The newest items for home decor are painted kettles. Tea kettles, which were formerly adored by all people, are once again becoming highly sought-after items.

Handmade, HEM Craft’s Vibrant Kettle with hand-painted traditional patterns will surely brighten up your mood and your space with its exceptional, exquisite designs created with love. This kettle has a removable cover and is hand-painted with a top layer of varnish to make it waterproof. It is perfect as a gift for loved ones, a planter, a vase, kitchen decor, or home decor. Original hand-drawn artwork is used for the designs of our items, which are then imprinted onto the kettle’s body. This tea kettle will undoubtedly alter the appearance of your dining area, office, or business.

Here’s a bright kettle with hand-painted traditional images like the peacock, flowers, and traditional banjara paintings for you – These cordless kettles can be used to serve hot and cold beverages, or use the teapots as decorative accents in your house or for customary celebrations like Holi, Mehendi, Diwali, and Raksha Bandhan. This kettle can also be used to serve customary beverages with the hand-painted glasses on a beautiful wooden tray that comes in the Hand Painted Tea Kettle Sets.

So, cherish a tradition with these elegant and colourful hand-painted tea kettles and savour the delicious flavours of real tea while indulging in the earthy aroma.

HEM Crafts strives to establish a connection between rural producers and urban consumers in order to increase demand for Indian handicrafts and environmentally friendly, ethically created goods. If you have any queries or want to place an order, you can contact us at

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