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Hemp Backpack

Why are people opting for Hemp Bags?

Every handcrafted item has a unique backstory. They convey the craftsman’s feelings, efforts, and sincere little “optimizations.” That is what distinguishes handcrafted beauty. Handcrafted products represent the intricate Indian culture and craftsmanship. Although everyone adores handmade goods, very few people actually purchase them. People hedge for “machine finish” most frequently. But what good is a gift without a tale? It is after all one of our most typical behaviours. Self-gifting, which is a significant kind of giving, is included in this.

Why should you purchase handcrafted gifts like bags and purses?

  1. Each handcrafted item is distinctive – Handmade goods are seldom exactly alike. Each and every handmade item is unique and not mass-produced. Because of this, each product has a small distinction that makes it distinctive. Two handmade objects will almost always have a small difference in colour, texture, and design.
  2. The local economy is supported by handcrafted goods – By purchasing one of our handcrafted bags, you are truly assisting the regional economy. Your purchases directly benefit the economy and artists in India. Since handcrafted goods are manufactured by hand, many more individuals find employment as a result. In addition to boosting the economy, your purchase inspires trust in the artists. It encourages them to learn new skills and reinvest in their small business so they may continue to produce gorgeous goods.
  3. Handcrafted products are strong and are of excellent quality – Everyone desires longer product lifespans. When a professional declares a handcrafted item ready, it is ready. It was not automatically deemed ready. Compared to those produced by machines, it is much more time-consuming to make but lasts longer. Unlike manufactured goods, handcrafted goods appear more authentic. They simply seem more sincere. It’s similar to how freshly brewed coffee is preferable than that produced by a machine.
  1. Handmade products are environment-friendly – The majority of handcrafted goods are produced by small firms. There is no need for a factory or a big industrial facility. They originate from modest studios and workshops that are inspired by the creators’ hearts and souls. Large machinery that consumes a lot of electricity is substituted with labours of love and human sweat. This approach is more environmentally friendly and produces less pollutants.

When it comes to a bag you always want your bags to be useful, dependable, and long-lasting. Add the fact that hemp is one of the resources with the highest environmental sustainability. Hemp, commonly referred to as industrial hemp, is a crop with a very high yield that is a member of the cannabis plant family. Typically, hemp is grown for its fibre and edible seeds. Hemp has been used as a natural fibre source for the textile industry since the early middle times. Ropes, sails, and exquisite clothes made of hemp fibre have been discovered in Scandinavia and Europe. Hemp fibres are stronger than cotton or any synthetic fibre. Hemp fibre is therefore more durable and resilient by nature. Moving on, you should think about purchasing hemp-based fabrics. Hemp fibres are the thing that ages like fine wine. Here is why HEM Crafts is supporting it.

Additionally, hemp materials are effective water absorbers. They are therefore effective at soaking our sweat and keeping us feeling light. It makes the environment around us cooler, thanks to its superpower of permeability and perspiration absorption, aiding us in battling the dreaded hot summers. Hemp has other industrial applications in addition to being used to make hemp fabric, including the production of hemp seed oil and the use of hemp as a medication. More and more individuals are moving to hemp as it gains popularity. You need to look at HEM Crafts selection of Hemp Backpacks at if you haven’t already.

What is this Brand called ‘HEM Crafts’?

The mission of HEM is to educate and inspire people about the distinctive handicrafts of rural India. Numerous items manufactured here by their team include kantha, bamboo products, warli paintings, and other handicrafts. Products that are manufactured by hand aren’t just made by hand; they’re made by people who are passionate about what they do. Each of HEM Crafts goods is lovingly created. Every item embodies style and functionality while also capturing the spirit of India. To know more about HEM Crafts, visit

If you are looking for a beautiful and colourful mini Hemp Backpack, then you are at the right place. Because HEM Crafts provide you with an astonishing collection of Hemp Backpacks which you have never seen before.

They have this adorable Lateen Printed Multi Pocket Small Hemp Backpack which contains 2 compartments, 2 external pockets and attached zip closure. To know more about this product, click on the link .

And then they have this beautiful Hemp Sling Bag which contains internal arrangement for storage, security, and speedy retrieval with pockets and sleeves, to purchase this bag, click on

Browse HEM Crafts if you’re looking for any fashionable, vibrant, decorated, or embroidered jhola bags for yourself. They provide an incredible selection of these bags at competitive prices. Find out now at

Kantha bags are really handful to manage when you want to keep everything organised. In addition to this, your Kantha bag may seem to be hassle free as you won’t have to search for a single small item. To have a possession of these stylish bags, click

Inspired by their story and curious to learn more? Have a special request for one of their handmade goods? They’re just a message away. Connect with them at .

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