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Education & Child Development

As our social responsibility we earn and provide free yet holistic education to 275 children from tribal regions of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Silvasa through our school and hostel. 94 out 275 of those are orphan children and 95% of their parents or guardians are illiterate.This is the only English medium school in the region. 60% of these students are first generation school goers from their households. Many students walk as much as 10km to come to school. Some have to climb the mountain and come to school! Majority of our students stay in our hostel where they are well cared for and protected from emotional trauma, social isolation, abuse, exploitation and deprivation of basic human rights. Beyond meeting their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter we also train them holistically.

When you buy our products indirectly you support these vulnerable children and help us shape their future!

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