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How It’s Made

You might have seen from our shop that we provide natural Indian handicrafts in the USA, India, UK, Australia and Europe which are, namely, Warli Paintings, Tea Kettles, Scarves, Side bags and more. Just in case you’re as keen and curious about these beautifully prepared products, we are here to satiate your hunger. We have prepared a short guide to help you learn about the process of creating such artistic products.

Warli Paintings :

Warli Paintings has remained prominent in Indian Traditional Art due to its superior creativity and imagination. Warli painting is a traditional Indian tribal art form that originated in Maharashtra. It goes back as far as the Neolithic period which is between 2500 BC – 3000 BC.

These Warli Paintings make use of simple geometric shapes to depict their everyday lives. They represent the humble life of the Warli Tribe. They use circles, triangles, dots, crooked lines, etc, to illustrate human and animal figures, harvest, houses, etc.

For Warli Paintings, we at HEM Crafts, buy canvas from the market and our talented children, then, make Warli paintings on them. Since it’s made by our children, it might not look too professional and perfect but they are made out of love and innocence.

Tea Kettles :

Artistic handcrafted tea kettles provide a great look to your interior. Also, tea kettles are always a good investment. You can have your tea while looking outside when it’s raining while you are so engrossed in your favourite book or simply whenever you are in a mood for a treat. A tea kettle can never go to waste!

We, at HEM Crafts, buy Tea Kettles from the nearby town and later, our children who are unprivileged, paint them beautifully with different designs. These children are trained by us in not only this domain but are also provided with education. We also ensure that they are provided with medical facilities to help them stay healthy and live longer.

So, when you are buying these products, you are making a huge impact in the lives of these children.

Scarves and Side Bags :

If you are a fashionista, you are already aware of the importance of scarves and side bags! They are charming in their own beautiful way and give you a really alluring look. If anything can truly be a timeless trend, it’s scarves and side bags. They literally go for every occasion. Whether it’s for hanging out, or at your workplace, scarves and side bags can be immensely useful in everyday utilities and also for the trip that you have been dreaming about!

As for scarves and side bags, we collect vintage sarees and our ladies from HEM Crafts and surrounding villages make scarves and side bags out of the freshly laundered used.

These women are becoming independent through working on these products. They are trying to finally live a life of freedom and dignity. And, we at HEM Crafts are doing their best to support their cause.

Final stage of every product that we create :

We have an in-house manager who receives these products. He reviews each and every single product to ensure the best quality and art for you. If, by any chance, a mistake has been found, we help fix them.

Once the products are ready and we receive any order, we pack them for distribution. The finished product is shipped off and is on its way to you!

Thus, every product goes through its own set of various different procedures to become its best final version. This final product not only brings joy to you, but also lights up the world of these deprived people.

In case you are wondering how you could make a difference, you can check out our products and buy your favourite one, or you can simply donate to our cause.

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