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Meet The Makers

If you have surfed through our website, you might already have the gist of the makers of these super charming handicrafts. If you haven’t already checked these products out, here you go. We open the market of bamboo bottles, hemp backpacks, scarves, tea kettles and warli paintings for you to buy and provide a market to the people who need it.

These products are made by underprivileged children and women. After noticing how they were being exploited, a young couple decided to take an initiative and that initiative is HEM Crafts.

HEM crafts are reviving Indian handicrafts by providing tribal rural people with work and a source of income. HEM crafts observed that these people had no land for cultivation of crops. So, they had to work in factories where they weren’t getting the payments owed to them. They worked even harder in hopes of getting the payment but rarely did they get it! Apart from that, children and women were left vulnerable without any education, prone to being mistreated and traded.

So, HEM crafts decided to educate these people, train them, give them a source of income and provide them with medical facilities. You can read about the various projects started by them below.

We’d love for you to have a look at the bright faces of these people!

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