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What is Hemp?

Everyone around us is talking about the cannabis revolution. If you are confused about hemp and have questions such as –

  • What is Hemp?
  • What is Hemp Fibre?
  • Should we trust Hemp Fibre?

Do not worry, you have come to the right place. This is the ultimate guide that you will need on Hemp and Hemp Fibres. 

Hemp, also known as Industrial Hemp, is a very high yielding crop belonging to the same species of plant as cannabis. Although, unlike cannabis, levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) present in hemp is found to be quite low. It is less than 0.3%. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the psychoactive content present in plants that gets you high. However, it being low in Hemp, makes it legal for industrial and commercial use.

Hemp is usually cultivated for its fibre and its edible seeds. Since the early middle ages, hemp has been used as a source of natural fibre in the textile industry. In Europe, in Scandinavia, ropes, sails and fine clothing made up of hemp fibre were found. The fibres of Hemp are more durable than cotton or any synthetic fibre. Thus, Hemp fibre is resilient in nature and more long lasting.

Hemp is one of the longest and the strongest plant fibres present on the earth. Apart from that, Hemps are very friendly to the environment. Hemp requires 1/20th the amount of water than what cotton requires to grow. It, also, utilises less space but still manages to yield more than what cotton does. In addition to that, Hemp is naturally less vulnerable to insects and other weeds. Thus, it does not require any kind of pesticides and fertilisers, making it chemical free. It would be smart to mention that Hemps, being kind to our soil, also enhances the natural fertility of it.

If you are undervaluing the impact of Hemp, you should go talk to some local farmers, especially those who are prone to drought. Hemp, undoubtedly, has a huge impact on our environment. An interesting fact about Hemps is that hemps are considered as a carbon negative plant. This means that it absorbs more CO2 than it generates. Hence, it also helps in global warming and is truly eco friendly!

A study has revealed that the cultivation of cotton is responsible for 25% of all chemical pesticides used in American crops which is a significantly high percentage. It is not unknown to us how chemicals are deplenishing our soil. Other than soil, these chemical pesticides and fertilisers are also responsible for the death of various aquatic species.

Moving on, one should consider buying fabrics made up of Hemp. If something ages like wine, it’s Hemp Fibres. Here’s why we, at HEM Crafts, are championing it.

Hemp fabrics protect our skin by naturally filtering out the Ultraviolet Radiations (UV rays). On top of that, these fabrics also contain antibacterial properties which helps us fight diseases and odour. Although it might be a little tough pill to swallow, but, Hemp fabrics are more breathable than cotton! Since childhood, we are nurtured to believe that cotton is the most breathable fabric. But, turns out, the texture of the Hemp fibres allow more aeration which makes the cloth more breathable.

Moreover, Hemp fabrics are a good absorbent of water. Hence, they are good at absorbing our sweat and making us feel fresh. Due to its superpower of breathability and sweat absorption, it makes the atmosphere around us cooler, helping us fight the dreading hot summers.

Along with that, with each wear, the fabrics of the hemp become appealingly soft. Unlike cotton which loses its strength upon each wear and wash, these fabrics have proven to stay strong and promise durability. Its strength allows it to stay in shape, which means your bags will hold its shape no matter how frequently you use them!

Unlike what you must have found with other fabrics, these Hemp fibres retain their colour and the dyes stick onto them. This property permits you to wear it for a longer period of time and wash it more often!

Apart from being used as a Hemp Fabric, hemp also has many industrial uses, such as Hemp seed oil, Hemp as a medicine and so much more. As hemp is gaining its reputation, more and more people are switching to Hemp. If you haven’t yet, you must check out our collection of Hemp Backpacks. If you have any thoughts on it, do let us know. We’d love to hear them!

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