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The Untold Story of Rural India Handicrafts and Artisans – HEM Crafts

The Untold Story of Rural India Handicrafts and Artisans – HEM Crafts

India is well known for its excellent handicrafts. Diverse cultures and handicrafts are part of the legacy of this beautiful culture in India, a country full of variety and diversity. India is one of the few countries that still value hand-crafted creations, and fortunately, it maintains that position, despite being on the edge.

Handcrafted products have been produced by Indian artisans for centuries. This traditional art is still practised in India. In India, rural people still rely heavily on artistic jobs to earn a living, and the country continues to maintain its craftsmen, its arts, and its crafts. When a culture is matched with a style of life that is varied and interesting, it should be taken into consideration in a different way. We take pride in the fact that there are many people who understand the meaning of art and are willing to support India’s artisans & craftsmen.

“India is home to 7 million artisans, according to official estimates. Unofficial sources, however, suggest that the number of artisans is as high as 200 million. Because of the informal and unorganised nature of this sector, this range and disparity in number are very wide.”

 Nowadays, handicrafts are mostly given as gifts. Back then, hand-crafted objects served a variety of purposes and were designed in such a way. But even today, there is nothing that can replace the value of something made by hand and with heart. It is possible to find many organisations in India that assist and support artisans & craftsmen, and one of the emerging ones is HEM Crafts.

Organisation & Work of HEM Crafts:

HEM Crafts connects rural artisans with the rest of the world by giving them dignified work and providing fashionable quality products to you, the discerning and socially conscious buyer. In its struggle for a livelihood and its support of authentic art, the brand is not just a platform for selling handicrafts, but also a representation of the journey of change and transformation.

A young couple from India in 2006 with various aspirations and dreams came together. Having a desire to accomplish something worthwhile in their lives, Babal and Sheetal found a common goal – to educate and empower poor orphaned children. In remote villages of north India, their non-profit organisation has begun educating 35 needy children. As of today, there are 274 needy children. In order to provide a good life to their children, their parents worked in nearby factories because they had limited or no land for farming.

They witnessed poor rural people being exploited by landlords and factory owners. Many men were exploited by their employers by working hard only to get enticed to work another month in the hope that they would be paid for the months they spent without a salary. With no education or opportunity, women and their children were undervalued, leaving them vulnerable to being mistreated and traded.

The NGO expenses were initially covered by their salaries for the first four years, but as the number of children kept growing, they started an IT company in New Delhi and mainly funded those expenses from that company. Unfortunately, their company closed down a few years ago. The abrupt closure of their business resulted in financial difficulties for the NGO. They formed a goal after watching the situation: to design traditional natural handcrafted handicrafts and discover a global market for these priceless gems.

A Goal for the well-being of Indian rural handicrafts

Ultimately, Babal and Sheetal launched HEM Crafts as an initiative to give rural artisans access to a digital platform allowing their work to be recognized worldwide. Their services allow indigenous communities to receive revenue without having to find physical shops to sell their products.

Their mission is to empower people and educate the world about India’s wonderful handicrafts. Children, women, and men create goods, arts & crafts such as warli paintings, bamboo items, kantha, and other handicrafts.

The dream was far greater than the two of them could ever hope to achieve. As a result, they sought the assistance of like-minded individuals to collaborate on various initiatives. Since 2008, HEM Crafts has been spreading hope and transforming lives. Ever since Babal and Sheetal’s vision and enthusiasm have spread throughout India and beyond.

In India, the handcrafted items industry does not receive the attention it deserves. Many of them abandoned their art & craft due to the difficulty of making a living from it. However, the HEM Crafts e-commerce project will assist artists in obtaining more volume and higher rates for their items. E-commerce platforms will aid artisans by allowing them to market their handcrafted goods.

This handmade effort will be known across the world. It will eventually boost the output of items, allowing artisans to make more profit.

Many rural artisans and craftsmen are unaware of the online market. Because there is no resource to disclose all such information or they can find out fast. However, thanks to the HEM Crafts initiative, companies can now directly offer their items online to a bigger audience and earn a higher profit. Right now, HEM Crafts has a strong community of artisans & craftsmen across different states, inspiring artisans to continue with their arts & crafts.

They aim to promote the uniqueness of handicrafts while also making them more accessible to Indians. It’s time to support skilled craftspeople and showcase their talents to the rest of the world.

Check out some of the best handicrafts designed and created by rural Indians that are a must-have and learn about each product.

Handicrafts created by HEM Crafts Artisans

Warli Painting: The talented children of rural India paint on canvas purchased from the market for Warli Paintings. It might not look perfect or professional since it’s made by children, but it’s made with love and innocence.

Tea Kettles: They are purchased from the nearby town, and children paint different designs on them very beautifully.

Scarves & Side Bags: To make scarves and sidebags, they collect vintage sarees and launder freshly used ones which are made by women here.

Every product is checked by the in-house manager. In the event that there is an error, it is corrected. Once the products are finished, the items are packed for distribution. The products and packaging are environment friendly.

HEM Crafts Projects:

HEM Crafts not only give a platform to rural artisans of India but also as a social responsibility provide free education to 275 children from tribal regions of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Silvassa. They also provide facilities where nearby rural people can stay at the hostel where they are well cared for and protected. The ultimate purpose of HEM Crafts is to transform the communities they work with, with a vision to enhance the lives of rural people in India by assisting children and empowering women through education and providing a platform through which they may earn and live a more secure, successful, and dignified life.

If you love nature and want to support rural India and culture, buying from HEM Crafts is the best way to do it, and contribute to the education of tribal orphan children as well as the liberation of widows and other underprivileged members of society.

If you would want to donate to our cause, you can do so here.

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